The small part of electro-magnetic spectrum having wave lengths included between 100 and 400 nm (thousandths of micron) is defined as space of the ultra-violet irradiation. The UV-C are part of the subspace characterized by the wave lengths included between 100 and 280 nm. Electro-magnetic waves with different wave length and width induce interactions with the matter of different nature, the UV-C irradiation with l= 254nm is particularly interesting thanks to its marked germicidal power.

Germicidal devices UVETTA Germicidal lamps are UV disinfection devices suitable for home or office use. Easy to use, 100% efficient. Find out more 400 TC Series In this Series of UV systems uses powerful lamps that will allow, at the same treated flow rate, the use of less lamps and so on easier maintenance Find out more AM series SITA series is the powerful low pressure amalgam lamp, that permits a very good disinfection also with low UV Transmittance values Find out more Domestic series The UV disinfection systems of the DOMESTIC SERIES are the smallest equipments manufactured by us, both for dimensions, and for capacity of water treated. Find out more HDPE Series UV series realized in high density polyethylene UV chambers, that guarantee a long life with agressive water. Find out more IT Series SITA IT VALIDATED series is biodosimetrically tested according Austrian norm and full fit the EPA requirement. Find out more Rack LCD series Disinfection units of Rack LCD Series are composed by one UV chamber with more lamps. Find out more SBT series SBT Series designed specifically for low UVT trasmittance values. Find out more SMP Series SMP unit has the ability to break chemical bonds, and have a good reduction of unwanted chemicals in water. Find out more SMP3 Series SMP3 je pravděpodobně ta nejmenší střednětlaková jednotka na trhu, vynikající volba pro bazény s nedostatkem prostoru a slabou recirkulací. Find out more Special units The technical office of our producer is able to size UV devices to suit the client's specific request. Find out more