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Germicidal devices

Germicidal emitters are an effective tool for the destruction of viruses and coronaviruses of all kinds. With effective disinfecting lamps that emit UV-C radiation, the emitter is easy to destroy COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and others. These UV disinfection lamps are used in health care to completely disinfect surfaces and air.

We offer high quality lamps direct, indirect or combined. Direct radiation provides disinfection of all surfaces, indirect disinfects the air in the room. The combined instrument has both direct and indirect radiation. All devices can also be operated by remote control.

The device provides prevention against environmental contamination. Depending on the tonnage, they can prevent an individual from being infected at a distance of 3-6 m from the germicidal emitter.

Direct disinfection can be dangerous in case of human exposure, especially eyes, so our devices are equipped with a sensor that automatically interrupts the emitter operation for a preset time interval whenever people move in the detected area.

The combined direct and indirect radiation device is in operation even when the user is present in the room. If there is nobody in the area with the device - combined disinfection works. If the device detects human movement in the room, the device only uses the indirect function, ie it disinfects only the ambient air.