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Drinking water

Drinking water is a luxury that some in the western world take entirely for granted – we turn on a tap and clean, safe water appears. For many governments preserving this right for future generations is a priority as water becomes an increasingly precious commodity.

UV disinfection is used to treat drinking water around the world, protecting people in homes and businesses anywhere from remote communities and research outposts to vast municipalities. UV disinfection has recognised advantages over traditional methods of disinfection:

  • Being a physical rather than chemical process, it creates no disinfection by-products.
  • Pathogens cannot build a resistance to UV light – UV disinfection will kill chlorine-resistant microorganisms
  • UV treatment does not alter the taste or pH of drinking water and no beneficial minerals are removed

UV disinfection is now tried, tested and trusted for the treatment of municipal and domestic drinking water around the world, from vast disinfection systems utilising over 15,000 UV lamps which serve entire cities in the United States of America to ‘under the sink’ home disinfection systems.