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The London 2012 Olympic Games were the very first in history to use UV disinfection for all of the swimming and diving pools, and the aquatics industry is now embracing the technology. UV disinfection systems are available for everything from small privately-owned pools and spa facilities to large recreational waterparks, and everything in between.

For many years filtration systems with chlorine or bromine additives or ozone systems were the only real choices for pool owners and managers, but further awareness of the harmful by-products of these methods and the prevalence of chlorine-resistant microbes has led people to look elsewhere.

UV disinfection systems, incorporating germicidal UV lamps alongside filtration and a small amount of chlorine, are an efficient and safe method of ensuring good water quality without toxic by-products and harmful side effects. Chlorine is still used alongside the UV lamps, but in such small quantities that its harmful by-products are totally eliminated – chloramines are ‘unlinked’ by the UV light so pool users also notice there is no longer a ‘chemical’ smell.

UV systems are now easy to install and monitor for any size of swimming pool, and provide a truly clean, safe and environmentally-friendly option. Alpha-Purify’s high quality UV disinfection lamps are a great choice for your UV system, so call us today to discuss your requirements.