Advantages of UV disinfection

UV disinfection has many advantages over conventional methods for surface, air and water disinfection:

The majority of UV disinfection systems require no chemicals, just correct application of the germicidal lamps – depending on the application some processes may still use chemicals, but in much smaller amounts

There are no toxic chemical or carcinogenic by-products left behind when UV disinfection is used

UV disinfection systems are often smaller and easier to use than conventional systems, with affordable capital and operational costs.

UV disinfection doesn’t alter the taste of liquid or food, which can happen with chemical or heat treatments

UV disinfection systems are often safer for the personnel using them than chemical systems, and eliminating the need to produce, store and transport dangerous and potentially toxic chemicals

Germicidal lamps are equally effective against bacteria, moulds, spores, bacteria and viruses.

UV disinfection inactivates pathogens which have developed a resistance to chlorine and other chemicals, such as cryptosporidium.

Aquaculture Ultraviolet disinfection systems in hatcheries, fish farms and aquariums have enabled operators to farm or keep greater yields of healthier stock. Find out more Packaging & Processing The hygienic processing and packing of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is vital to ensure they reach consumers still meeting the high standard of quality required. Find out more Laboratories UV technology is used in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing sites for the production of ultrapure process water, as well as disinfecting air, surfaces and lab equipment. Find out more Marine UV disinfection is used in the marine industry to treat ballast water, and as part of advanced wastewater purification and potable drinking water systems. Find out more Waste Water UV disinfection of waste water is a chemical-free process that renders harmful microorganisms safe, and ensures safe water for residents, workers and flora and fauna that inhabit local water bodies. Find out more Drinking water UV disinfection is now tried, tested and trusted for the treatment of municipal and domestic drinking water around the world. Find out more Food & Beverages Food and drink producers are increasingly turning to germicidal lamps to ensure food, beverages and the areas they are produced in are all free of unwanted pathogens. Find out more Oil & gas On and off-shore oil and gas production requires the treatment of large amounts of water that is used for well-fracturing, cooling and reuse. Find out more Mining The UV disinfection of water used in mining processes ensures compliance with regulations and prevents the release of unsafe water Find out more Aquatics UV disinfection systems are an efficient and safe method of ensuring good water quality in all sizes of swimming pools and water parks. Find out more Horticulture UV disinfection is popular for treating water used in horticultural applications, as it introduces no chemicals or by-products which can stress plants and lower crop quality. Find out more Healthcare Germicidal lamps are used to disinfect patient rooms, equipment and air in hospitals, helping to fight hospital acquired infections. Find out more